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Caroline 101...

  • Lifelong Salem resident

  • Homeowner in Ward 2 since 2008, former renter in Salem's downtown

  • 22+ year career including roles at: City of Salem, The Salem Partnership/Essex National Heritage Commission, Salem State University, and the Woman's Friend Society

  • Child in Salem public schools

  • Volunteer service past and present:

    • Salem's Affordable Housing Trust Fund Board (current)

    • Historic Salem, Inc. (past President of the Board)​

    • Salem Main Streets Board (past)

    • Salem Theatre Company (past)

Read more: About Caroline Watson-Felt



  • Pedestrian safety, sidewalks, and traffic calming

  • Affordable housing - especially for our most vulnerable neighbors, including seniors and single-guardian families

  • Preservation solutions without negative economic impacts on renters and cost-burdened homeowners

  • Resiliency and the greening of our community

  • Accessibility to downtown resources and amenities for all of our neighbors 

  • Supporting green and alternative forms of travel through Salem and to downtown

What are the issues on your mind? Reach out to Caroline Watson-Felt or Get involved with the campaign.

The ward at a glance 

For nearly 400 years, Ward 2 has been home to residents from every walk of life and a broadly diverse set of businesses. A number of aspects make our neighborhoods unique:

  • proximity to notable landmarks, businesses, and amenities,

  • mixed varieties of housing, buildings, and businesses,

  • varied types of streets, paths, and roadways, 

  • residents from broadly diverse economic backgrounds, and

  • engineered and natural cuts of the water lines, train tracks, and green spaces. 


All of these have their foundation in Salem's very beginning. Built up over a span of nearly 400 years, Ward 2 has always been a heartbeat of economic diversity and growth, for the progress of transportation and travel, for the productivity of Salem's earliest craftspeople, and for our heritage tourism. 


Today, in a rapidly growing and evolving Salem, our ward needs a dynamic advocate with an effective and collaborative voice to represent our broadly diverse needs. Someone who builds relationships, who is passionate about protecting the vibrant character and vital spirit of our neighborhoods while thoughtfully and rationally embracing the future.


I believe I have been and can continue to be that voice and strong advocate. It is an honor to serve you.  ​

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